Becoming a Caregiver: Is it the Right Fit for Me?

5 minute read

If you have a love for helping people and creating your own schedule, becoming a caregiver with our team could be the perfect fit for you. To be a caregiver is someone who is able to help those in need in the comfort of their own home. In many cases caregivers tend to be underpaid and overworked, however with joining our team our caregivers are able to create their own schedule therefore be able to control their salary as well.

In today’s world technology plays an extremely important role with connecting people, which is how we have come to blend technology with our caregiving service. Through our app which is downloadable as CarePRN, our caregivers are connected to a range of people in need of assistance located around them. As we are aware caregivers are underpaid, we allow our caregivers to set their own rates, which are available for the families to see on the app as well.

How to join our team

  1. Must have desire to care for those in need

  2. Download CarePRN and create a profile

  3. CarePRN will then conduct a background check

  4. Go through an interview

  5. Purchase liability insurance

  6. Once insurance and background check are cleared, provide banking information to link to our payroll processing company

  7. Begin caring for patients!

The turnover rate for caregivers is very large according to “In 2014, the average turnover rate for a home caregiver was 60 percent, meaning that over half of caregivers were leaving their job every year”. We strive to create a great experience for both our caregivers and patients to avoid this turnover rate. A solution we have found to avoid burnouts goes back to caregivers choosing their own schedule, allowing for breaks when they feel necessary.

Through CarePRN our caregivers are able to make a difference in their patients lives whether it be helping them with simple tasks, or keeping them company. Becoming a caregiver not only makes a difference in the patient's life but yours as well. According to “Your time with a patient, however short or long, has a real impact. You improve the quality of life of everyone you touch, and you carry the knowledge with you always. Is it challenging? Yes. Is it worth it? Absolutely”. If you are ready to make a career out of being able to help someone in need becoming a caregiver is the job for you, click on our link below to join our team!

This is important to bring attention to in order to spread the information it takes to become a caregiver. This could be the perfect career for many people and they would not know because they’ve never heard of it. Spreading this information would result in getting more people interested in becoming a caregiver therefore would also help to grow the company.